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Latest environment news

The environment has developed into a super hot topic. Why? Because it's connected to our lives in every possible way! Nobody can deny the looming environmental challenges ahead of us. It's a sign of the times.

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Remember that we share this world with countless creatures, plants, and other organisms which are essential for the natural balance of our ecosystems. This is what we call biodiversity. Even if a small part of an ecosystem is disrupted, this can have huge consequences. The existence of many species is under threat due to changing environmental conditions. 

We must all do our best to protect our planet. When you think about it, the simplest necessities of life depend on the state of the environment -

  • Survivable climate (long term weather patterns)
  • Unpolluted air 
  • Clean drinking water
  • Availability of food

Environmental problems can also have far reaching implications for us to consider -

  • Health and safety 
  • Living location
  • Employment
  • The economy
  • Quality of life
  • Next generations future

The majority of environmental issues are a result of rapid population growth, overproduction and mass consumerism. So we humans affect the environment, and in turn the environment affects us back. It's a "catch 22" situation. We need to break the cycle somewhere along the line!

On the brighter side however, there are excellent examples of how more of us are striving to improve matters. An increasing amount of people are putting their support, skills, and hard work to good use! Environmental education (for young and old) has a much higher priority now to raise awareness of how we can live sustainably. Schools, businesses, and communities are getting involved with localized eco projects.  

Numerous environmental and conservation organizations have been established worldwide. National park's and wildlife sanctuaries are helping to protect natural habitats and their inhabitants. Captive breeding programs are taking place to try and save endangered animals.

Here we bring you a collection of news articles from some of the most reputable agencies. There should be something of interest for everyone ranging from - wildlife information, scientific research and discoveries, governmental policies, to eco friendly products and advice. Both positive and negative activities will be reported to keep us informed of what's going on out there.

As these news feeds update regularly, you may want to bookmark this page to see what's new every so often! 

Latest environment news

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