Global Environmental Issues

Reasons why we must be more eco friendly

We'll investigate the major global environmental issues of our times, and discuss steps towards possible solutions!

Global environmental issues represented by view of Earth from Space

Our planet is vast with each region being very distinct in it's environment and biodiversity (variations of life). We all love the beauty of nature, whether it be the oceans, coastal areas, native forests, or snowy mountain tops. Wildlife has adapted to suite the various types of conditions for each geographical location e.g. terrains, wet or dry weather, temperatures, food sources etc. It would be really nice to keep our environment in pristine shape, but somehow human beings have managed to upset the natural flow of things!

There's an estimated 7.6 billion humans alive at this present time. This number will without question rise in the future. It's no surprise that human overpopulation has caused its fair share of environmental concerns. There's even a scientific term for it - anthropogenic impact on the environment. Anthropogenic means caused or produced by humans and it refers to our influence on nature.  

The more we know about how we're affecting the environment, the better. Awareness and knowledge are important tools towards combating our destructive habits!   

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