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We've put together our own eco definition for a bit of clarification. The meaning of eco friendly is also below.

Eco definition - Picture of a lone tree growing in a lakeLake Wanaka's lone Willow, NZ, grew from a fencepost

easy answer

Eco - Connected with the environment!

The term eco is generally known to represent nature, natural habitats, the environment, and environmental issues.

Nature - The outdoors in its natural state untouched by humans with all its glorious wildlife.

Natural habitat - An area existing in nature that's inhabited by a particular species or community. Natural habitats comprise of plants, animals, and any other organisms (individual forms of life), e.g. single-cell algae, bacteria, fungus, or insects.

Environment - External surroundings, circumstances, and conditions in which humans, animals, plants, and organisms live or function. The environment includes climate, air, land, soil, freshwater, and oceans.

Our immediate areas like our home or work may also be called an environment.

That's our version. As you can see, the word "eco" is an "umbrella term" that covers a range of concepts associated with the environment. Now let's look at the technical eco definition.

Scientific eco definition

Meaning of the term eco - Weka bird in foilageNew Zealand's Weka are very cheeky and not afraid to approach humans

Eco (abbreviation) - Referring to the combining forms of ecology, ecosystem, and ecotype.

Well, that sounds a little complicated. Therefore we've broken down those terms and simplified them.

Ecology - Branch of study concerning the relations and interactions between organisms (including humans, animals, and plants) and their environment.

Ecosystem - Community of organisms and their physical environment interacting as a whole system.

Ecotype - Subspecies or race of organism that has adapted to specific environmental conditions.

Eco friendly definition

Eco friendly - Practices that don't harm or have the least amount of impact on the environment and ecosystems.

Eco friendly definition - Wild Lupin flowersLupin flowers near Lake Tekapo, South Island

The term eco friendly is often linked to guidelines, policies, and legislation made to keep the environment safe. It's a matter of sensible decisions and actions. Individuals through to big corporations can contribute towards the cause.

Find out what defines eco friendly products and services.

Examples of eco friendly -

  • Manufacturing processes that don't contribute to polluting the air, land, or water

  • Being mindful of which products we choose to purchase, e.g. organic foods or chemical-free cleaners

  • Using non-toxic alternatives which are also better for our health

  • Disposing of rubbish thoughtfully to keep the environment litter-free

  • Recycling to convert waste into reusable materials

  • Reducing our carbon footprints, i.e. amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere

  • Conserving energy and water

  • Decreasing fuel consumption

  • Green building (sustainable materials and energy efficient homes)

  • Conservation (protecting species and restoring habitats)

  • Volunteering for community environmental activities e.g. planting natives  

different names for eco friendly 

Sometimes eco friendly is called -

Environmentally friendly
Earth friendly
Ecologically friendly
Earth conscious
Environmentally conscious

Green living is another commonly used saying to describe a more sustainable way to lead our lives.

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